The cleaning recipe is just like a cooking recipe. For better cooking, you have to mix all the ingredients well in the same way you have to use all the cleaning ingredients with the right quantity or amount. The cleaning process is as easy as cooking one. If you mix all the sources well or know how to use it, then you can surely get the best result of a great look of windows.

Windows are the main focal point of every person as it covers the main entrance of your house. If you skip window cleaning, then the whole other cleaning is not so considerable. You have to make the windows cleaned with the help of shine window cleaners as they make you understand to mix and to use the whole ingredients with better quantity.

The perfect recipe of window cleaning

Into a large bucket or spray bottle mix, a cup of rub alcohol, and a spoon of shampoo mix it well with a stick. Fill the top of the spray bottle with water and make it use of it on a daily basis. Spray the solution to the windows directly and rub it with window mop or wet cloth. Remove all the bugs or leaves that look so dirty when visible on the glass window.

Also, for better cleaning, make sure that you have to avoid directly coming sunshine on windows as it affects the user process and solution in a negative way. When uses any of the solution, for the fast resulting streak or stain you should clean it with wet mop that can absorbs the dust and remove it with water.

Extra tips for window cleaning

When starting with window cleaning, you have to be very clear that you don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes in its cleaning. It can only be possible if you follow the recipe of window cleaning as above mentioned, or you should make use of the sources that are more effective in cleaning. If you have nothing to clean, then you should make use of fiber cloth or dry newspaper that provides you extra shine to your windows.