The incident of the Sandy Hook School is well known. A boy, Adam Lanza, has killed his mother and 20 children, six adult staff member of the school. The boy has also killed himself with the gun. He shot his head with the gun and committed suicide. The police claimed that it is a case of some mental illness and stress.

It took about four years to the school to recover from the incident. The school was re-opened and reconstructed after the gunman had killed the student and six, adult teacher. The building that attacked destructed and a new building had constructed after four years.

Problems faced by the school

These are the problems faced by the Sandy Hook School are-

· There was destruction to the building of the school. It was all repaired again

· The number of students in the school started declining.

· There was no new admission of the students in the school.

· The documents of the student at the school were destroyed.

Nowadays, there are many cases relating to the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The murders and robberies in the school are becoming common.

History of the Sandy Hook School

The school named after the Sandy Hook village. The school had built by the proprietors of the town in the city, Newtown. The owner made the school to provide education to all the children of the village.

Abolishment of the guns

The government should abolish the use of firearms. New laws should be pass, and old rules should be amended to eliminate the use of weapons. The guns should not be made available to the adults or the youngsters

The re-opening of the school brought happiness on the face of the resident and student of the city. See this website to know more.