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There are many types of the dashcams and out of all the dashcams which are available in the market, there are few which comes under the best category and they are mentioned in the reddit threads. There are  Best Dash Cams Reddit available in stores

Some of them are:

1) Garmin Dash Cam 55

The video resolution of this camera is 1440p and this camera size is very small. The cost of the camera is about 200 dollars. There are many versions of this dash cam and they are 45, 55, 65, 65 plus UHS-I card which will be coming with the adapter and also the speak plus with the amazon Alexa. This dash cam is small, and this contains the memory card and also have many features which are unique and also different. In case if your journey is been late and if you are driving in the night, in case if you are tired and this dash cam will come into rescue by giving you the warning that you have crossed your lane.

2) A119

This dash cam has the video resolution of 1440p, and this is the high definition one and the size of the dash cam is two inch including the LCD screen which will be helping for view of the camera recording. And due to the reason of the two-inch screen, this dash cam is considered to be the larger cameras. The cost of the A119 is 90 dollars and also comes under the cheaper category of the dash cams. Both the sides of the road can be viewed through the screen, but it is hidden, and no can be able to see this dash cam. It has the feature of plugging it directly into the car and no need to worry about the battery.