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Reading books for a decade now has switched medium and people are no longer into paper bound titles that you would have to lug around. Check out what the digital mediums for reading books like Audible and Kindle have to offer to the users. Read the policies before you get started.

Audible Policies

Audible has the policy to allow the subscriber the privilege of one credit within the subscription amount you have paid. The titles of purchase can be of different categories which the listener can choose from. If the user doesn’t want to choose any audiobook on credit that particular month, he/she gets a chance to roll over the credit to the next subscribing month. If you want to have more books then you would have to opt for audible credits which are more in number, you could do this by buying them. Member has the option of getting to purchase two of the originals from the selection he/she does for the month, this happens on the first Friday of the month of the subscription. These can be kept forever even after you have ended the subscription and they won’t cost you a penny.

Kindle Policies

The cost of kindle is a bit on the higher side, and it may be over whelming to some to match up your reading to this monthly subscription amount. You could subscribe for a period of a month, or for six months or for a whole year or even two years. Just because you have subscribed for longer periods, you won’t get any rebate in the amount or discount either. This is kind of a non-starter for many who want to join the service and take up reading using kindle. Well, the free trial period will help you decide whether you could go on for paying the sum each month and read up to the potential. There are unlimited memberships plans that are part of the deal when you subscribe this service.