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An anesthesiologist is a doctor who deals in the medical treatment of pain of a patient so that they do not feel pain during or after the surgery. However, specialists like Dr. Narinder S. Grewal plays a wider role and does much more work than putting a patient into sleep. They are also involved in most of the emergency unit operations and provide advice about pain management.

Some words from a specialist

Narinder S. Grewal is a specialist in pain management currently operating in Advanced Pain Management in California. He is well known for his family like the care he’s been serving patients since 1981.

According to Dr. Narinder S. Grewal, pain relief id required during and after the operation. An anesthesiologist provides you his services during operation in the following ways:

1.    General anesthesia: makes sure that the patient goes to sleep till the operation lasts.

2.    Sedation: it makes the patient calm and unaware of the procedure going on.

3.    Regional anesthesia: it is used to make the area of the patient’s body where the operation will be conducted.

What do anesthesiologists do?

These specialist doctors monitor the bodily functions of the patient and assess the vital organs. Functions that they monitor includes:

•    Heart rate and rhythm

•    Blood pressure

•    Fluid balance

•    Breathing

•    Body temperature

In case any of these functions of body performs irregularly, an anesthesiologist is the one who takes appropriate measures to retain the balance in all.

 Besides giving just advice, anesthesiology is meant to assist the patient who has pain due to several causes. These causes may be headache, burns, diabetes, and herpes

. Although general anesthesia holds many mysteries specialists have been working to unfold each and every end of this incredible technique of pain management.