Binoculars are a device which helps us to focus on a visual image with two eyes. You can see humans, horses, lion, tiger apes and other predators with the help of binoculars.  Most of the preys like short length creatures birds, rabbits, rats, fish and so on can easily see with the support of monocular vision. There are some high defined magnified glasses which help to see microorganisms for medical researchers.

If you were planning to buy the dollars, you should look for the details of cheaper binocular as well; we know that every coin has its two aspects and the same goes for the binoculars too. There are some merits and demerits also of using the binoculars

Advantages of binoculars

•    It is one device which helps the person to see the creature with more perfection. You can see every detail of the beast with realization. It gives you the depth perception of the object you are wasted looking for.

•    Another advantage of using the binocular is providing you with significant assistance in focusing the purpose even if you are blinded with one eye. Although it is easy to focus on the object with one eye after the few attempts, you can gain the ability to look the purpose with one eye

•    It also offers you 3 d vision, and many binoculars come with this type of facility to provide you with the 3d image of the object

•    The flexibility is also one key feature which results in the binocular as an excellent instrument for looking long indirect object form on the place. You can use this device form any place or anywhere you wanted to use it


•    The disadvantages of the binocular are its limit towards focusing the image. You cannot use this device more than the lenses ability, and it stops the looking at a certain point of the level

•    It sometimes also gives the confusion in mind about the object if you are suffering from any visual disorder.