Good sound in the luxurious car is a significant factor to drive the vehicle more comfortably. We all love listening to songs while driving the car. Songs in the car are the only best source of entertainment while operating the vehicle. Not only this it also helps us to remove the stress, so good quality of the sound is also an essential part of the entertainment in the care

Planning to buy new speakers for the car, go for the 6×9 speakers. It is also known as the best 6×8 speaker size in the market. Many buy different sizes for the great sound in the car, but don’t get the proper effect on the excellent music. These 6×9 speakers also have different qualities which are mention below

3-way speaker

In this type of speaker, the music comes from 3 different speakers in a single unit of the main speaker. There is one subwoofer for the bass sound and control and two tweeters speakers for the treble control of the main speaker.

4-way speaker

This type specially designed for high-quality audio for the cars. It is quite expensive to the other speaker in the market, but the sound quality is also very decent compared to the other speaker in the market. There are two subwoofers for the bass and two tweeters for the treble control in the central unit of the speaker


In a nutshell, if you consider 6×9 speaker design as the best speaker for your car, then you must go for the speaker with three-way or 4-way speaker who is regarded as the best 6×9 speaker design for the excellent sound quality. So we recommend buying this type of speaker instead of another speaker in the market.