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Employees are the most valuable aspects of the company. The morale of employees is raised by providing the best benefits to the employees. A study shows that 48% of employees desires of best company benefits. Coach Inc. is one the best American brand which provides excellent benefits to their employees. There are various sections available such as Coach Clothing, Coach Jewelry, and Coach Handbags.

Emphasis Women power

Coach brand deals with the range of jewelry, handbags, and clothing for women .They also value the place of women in their company. As 69% of staff, working in Coach Inc. is female. The majority of people working on the post of a leader are also a female staff.

The coach was also declared as The Women’s Forum of New York, and there is a durable power of Female at Board of directors. There is a non-profit organization, which analyses data about women employment globally.


Coach got its origin from New York, United States. United State is the city of diversified culture. It consists of a rich culture of different inspirations. It has employees all over the world that recites from different religions. It is one of the significant factors that depend upon the society in which an individual lives. It brings employees of varying culture together, which brings more diversity to the organization.


Coach promotes equality for all the employees working in the organization. Every employee is treated equally, which leads to zero occurrences of problems such as discrimination in the organization. All the employees have to work with their full potential in the company. The Coach has also been awarded as the best place to work for LGBT Equality. It is one of the essential factors, which is desired by every employee and Coach try to its fullest to come at a leading position in the Equality Index.