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Sports have an important reserve role in youngsters’ life. Besides keeping fit and active, it also attains various skills like team coordination, cooperation. It leads to the development of an individual both physically and mentally. It is more important to play any sports such as basketball with proper skills; rules. Basketball is one the outstanding sport to play as it also raises the self-esteem of an individual. The match of youth basketball plays a significant role in the entire youth of society, even those who can only watch the game.

  • The ideology of youth basketball

The central ideology is to provide high-yield programs, which can teach basic to advance fundamentals and various activities like dribbling, offensive, defense. The player should value his teammates as well as coach and all other member involved in the basketball game. The youth should learn sportsmanship and leadership skill.

  • Fix the playing time

The playing time for youth should be not more than eight-minutes and match should be stopped at every timeout and fouls. If this will be acquired permanently by the players, admittedly, it will raise their productivity in the basketball field.

  • Half time

There should be mandatory two breaks of minute duration after every consecutive half. This will give time to players to relax and discuss the strategy or any and change they wanted in the game. It is the most crucial part of the basketball game.

  • Player’s involvement

The participation of a player is must require in every match both physically and mentally. Any sickness, injury during a game will make his involvement Ineligible to play the game again. Substitution is arranged for the injured player before every match.

  • 20-Point system

If the team is in a leading position with 20-points during any game, they are not employed in full-court and half-court. They are not pressurized.