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Shrimp is the most loved food item of people living in coastal areas. Another reason why people consume shrimp is that it is highly nutritional and good for our health. Some people might be allergic to it or don’t the high cholesterol it gives, buys rest who are at balance with these two things, can comfortable have it.  If you are into shrimp, here are the buying tips you need while getting shrimp. Also, there are the most delicious shrimp collaborations that will make you take your best shrimp peeler out and try them.

What are the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying shrimp for dinner?

Make sure it is fresh!

How to check whether the freshness of a shrimp? It is simple as the fresh shrimp is firm. Also, you can identify from the color of the shrimp, whether it is fresh or not. If the color is grayish green, tanned pink, light pink or translucent, then it is fresh.

It is not fresh when…

The shrimp is damaged and not in shape it ought to be. You can also check for black spots on shell or edge to know that the shrimp is infected or not fresh.

Check out the texture and smell of the shrimp!

The fresh shrimp will have a raw oceanic smell. It might even smell mildly salty. If it feels pungent or anything likes ammonia, don’t buy it. As mentioned about the texture of the shrimp will be well defined.

Lastly, you can verify its quality with the seller if you are concerned with the quality of the shrimp. You can even ask him about the facts regarding shrimp-like its origin and cooking tips.