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The router is a device which helps in passing the data packets to two or more devices. It helps in analyzing the IP address and finds the best possible way to reach to the PCs. The router is the one device where network gathers and meet with each other. Make sure to buy the best router by looking on a few things because the much better router you will buy the better results will come through it. The older routers are those ones which are made from the software and with the loaded hardware in it as well. Try to make out the Routers & Modems IP addresses list, this will help in making the working easier.

How do routers work?

The routers use to work on the networking layers. With the help of the Internet protocol, they connect several networks separately.  The router uses the default routes whenever it gets fail while providing the data packets to the other networks.  There are few routers which work on NAT as well, which is network address translation. This helps in protecting the private IP address of LAN by readdressing it. This will help in making it as like the single shared IP address which is made for the public. The NAT will also help in making the networking stronger and improved by protecting it as well.

Edge router – home or office purpose:

The edge router is also known as the access router. This is not so much higher capacity device which connects the LAN into a WAN. If anyone is looking for the router to use in their office and home, then edge ones will be a reliable option for them to pick.

Other types of routers are also available, so choosing them will be a better option but make sure to look at your needs and requirements.